History of Harrodsburg and Mercer County, Kentucky

Excerpted from the New and Complete Gazetteer of the U.S. (1854), p.474

HARRODSBURG, a flourishing post-town, capital of Mercer county, Kentucky, is situated on a commanding eminence, 1 mile from Salt river, and 30 miles S. from Frankfort. It is said to be the oldest village in Kentucky, the first cabin having been built in 1774, by Captain James Harrod. The town is beautiful and well built, and is a place of great resort in the summer on account of its mineral waters. The Harrodsburg springs are among the most celebrated in the state, and perhaps the most fashionable in the Western States: $300,000 have been expended in the buildings and other improvements. This town has lately been selected as the site for the new military academy. A large quantity of fine dry goods is sold in this place, which is also an important market for cattle, horses, and other stock. It contains 1 bank. Turnpikes extend from the town in seven directions, and a railroad is in process of construction which will connect it with Frankfort. A newspaper is published here. Population in 1853, estimated at 3000.

It was in the year 1853, just one year previous to this article about Harrodsburg, that James McCristle and Mary Ann Taylor married in Mercer County, Kentucky and lived in her house, probaby in the Eden Shales, Rose Hill section of Mercer County.

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From K. Roller, Chairman of the Family History and Old Documents, Forkland Festival and Revue, Boyle County, Kentucky:
The 1820 Act of Kentucky Legislature was so worded that it tells the names of 24 Forkland (community, southwest Boyle County, KY) residents of 1820 and their general location between the North Rolling Fork region and Casey County line. Part of Casey County was added to Mercer County in that “ACT”. A map of this region was displayed at The Forkland Festival October 8 & 9, 1999.
Those 24 named residents were:
John Bowling, Arthur Northcut, George White, Matthew Coulter, John C Goode, Ephraim Cunningham, John Gee, Jacob Johnson, George Hunter, Martin Conder, Charles Kirkland, Leonard Taylor, William Hewenton, Thomas Hutchinson, Thomas Shannon, Matthew Flory, William Sealet, William Clements, Arthur Jones, John Christian, Henry Harper, William Taylor, Jacqueline A Lewis, and William Tabb.
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